To all my followers: I made a new blog so I probably won’t be on this one as much! Just letting you all know.

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Now I just cant stop thinking about how stupid I fucking am. I want to make it different but I can’t and that sucks even more. I made it this way so I gotta live with it but I can tell myself right now I’ve definitely learned my lesson.
Today will be a long day.

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it makes me so uncomfortable when people swear at their parents like i would get straight up beaten if i told my mom to shut the fuck up

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Lol fuck this I would rather be dead than deal with this shit. If all I have to look forward to in life is being reminded of why I lost you and why I’m such a fucking cunt then peace. I am dooooooooone. I can’t take you or feeling this guilty anymore.

Thanks for the kind words tonight they were raaaddd. Hope they make you feel as good as they did me.

I am one more mean message away from fucking erasing you from everything I own and completely dropping you. I own my mistakes. I hurt you really bad and I’ll never get over that. I am extremely stupid for throwing the best thing that happened end to me away. I lost you and it broke my heart. I live with this every second. I can tell you I’m sorry but you don’t want to hear that. I tell you the truth and you won’t believe it. What the fuck do you want from me? I am trying to evolve and be better to everyone in my life for the rest of my life because I don’t ever want to cause anyone else this pain. That in turn will make me happier too.
Stop trying to drag me down because I don’t need that. It takes me back to the reason I have scars on my arm. I don’t want to be that person anymore.

So next time you decided to do this shit I will completely push you out of my life. I toy breaking point and I am so done with being fucking yelled at. I GOT IT. OKAY.